Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime Commissions is a unique plugin which extends Post Affiliate Pro for Lifetime Commission support.

What Is Lifetime Commissions?

With Lifetime Commissions, the affiliate who referred your customer will get commissions for all future purchases by that customer.

Is There Any Difference Between Lifetime Commissions And Setting The Cookie Lifetime To “Unlimited”?

Lifetime Commissions is more secure than setting an unlimited cookie lifetime, because it will work even if the customer buys a new computer, or deletes all cookie data from the computer.

Functionality of this plugin is based on the fact that you can identify a customer by using unique identification (e.g. by email). After the customer makes his/her first sale, Post Affiliate Pro will create a relation between the customer and the referring affiliate, and all of the sales from that customer will be assigned to the particular affiliate, even if the customer makes the next purchase using another computer. Even if the customer is  refered by any other affiliate on another computer, the commission will be still assigned to the first affiliate, because the Lifetime Commissions has higher priority than any other type of tracking (e.g. Flash cookie, Browser cookie, IP address or similar).

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