Mass Payments

One of the most time consuming task is paying your affiliates. Post Affiliate Pro optimizes manual work flow in applications to save you time.

You don’t need to lose time each month by paying your affiliates individually anymore. The extended functionality of Post Affiliate Pro allows you to define an unlimited number of payment methods for your affiliates. Then you can define your own export format for each payment method.

This can introduce great flexibility into a system because you can customize your installation for payment processors or banks, which are currently not supported by the default version of Post Affiliate Pro.

Payout Options

As we mentioned before, Post Affiliate Pro allows you to define an unlimited number of payout options for your affiliates.

In each payout option you can define an unlimited number of fields which the affiliate will have to fill in if he would like to receive money using this payment option.

Exporting format of payout options can be fully customized. You can use predefined affiliate variables in addition to pre-defined payout option fields.

Mass Payments
Payout options

Knowledge base resources

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Download Mass Payment Files

After you have defined payout options and your affiliates have selected those payout options, you can pay all of your affiliates with just a few clicks by going to: Payouts -> Pay Affiliates form.

Simply select the affiliates that you would like to pay and click on the button labeled “Paid.” You can then download the mass payment export file and pay all your affiliates at once.

Mass Payments
Pay affiliates

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